Spring in Dartmouth Massachusetts heralds the approach of the prime home buying and selling season

Spring Home Sales in Dartmouth, MassachusettsSpring heralds the approach of the prime home buying and selling season. Homeowners planning to put their house on the market in the coming months need to begin preparing now! One of the most important things these sellers can do is remove clutter from around the house and yard.

Decluttering generally costs nothing but the owner’s time, yet the payoffs are significant in terms of a home’s final sales price and total time on the market. Buyers want to envision themselves living comfortably in a home. Removing extra furniture, children’s toys, small kitchen appliances and even refrigerator magnets instantly makes a home seem cleaner, brighter and more appealing to potential new owners.

Your home should look its absolute best. Realtors know that a cluttered home appears smaller than it really is. Buyers become quickly discouraged in homes where clutter reduces available floor space or natural light. The dust, fingerprints or grease that often collects on home knick-knacks and other objects can cause buyers concern about the overall cleanliness of the home. They may begin to wonder about the things they can’t see and begin to question how well the home has been maintained over the years.

Studies show that clutter makes people feel uneasy and anxious. Sellers need to realize those feelings go directly against the feeling a real estate agent desires potential buyers to experience when considering a home.

Decluttering also makes it easier for the seller to prepare the home to show at a moment’s notice. Fewer objects in the home mean fewer objects out of place when buyers are on their way. Sellers can quickly fluff the pillows, straighten the coffee table, and be out the door in a flash.

Sellers planning to list a home for sale should walk through each room with a trusted realtor and listen to their advice. They should remove large pieces of furniture, intimate family portraits, personal items in the bathrooms, and even any stacks of books that don’t fit on the bookshelf. Sellers can have a yard sale, donate to charity or rent a storage space for the extraneous items. Those who can’t bring themselves to be ruthless with clutter should consider hiring a professional home organizer or staging expert. The time spent removing clutter before a home sale is recouped in terms of a quicker sale and a higher sales price. Successful home sellers, like successful realtors, know decluttering is worth the effort.

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