Downsizing in Dartmouth: Needs vs Wants

You have dried your tears from waving by to your last child going off to college, you have caught up on your laundry, your children are grown (or at least they think they are), and you haven’t been in several rooms in your home in months….perhaps it is time to downsize.

Hmmmm… wonderful to realize a home that has everything you need and/or want in it.  Need or want, there is a very large difference between the two.  Some features of your “forever after” home are non-negotiable – for me, I must have a private master bath.  After raising three boys, all sharing the upstairs bath,  I want a bath all my own – I suppose I could allow my husband to share it with me, but honestly I would prefer my own space for once.  I need a private master bath, I want 2 private master baths….one for me and one for my husband.

Do you need or want an attached 2-car garage?  Again, I need a garage, but I want it attached – I could live with a detached garage.  If this will be your last home, then perhaps you want to make sure there is at least a room on the first level that you could make into a bedroom.  There is nothing wrong with walking up and down stairs – it is even good for you – however, if you should hurt yourself or find stairs become too difficult it would be nice to have the option of a first floor bedroom off the main flow of your home.

Speaking of the floor plan of a home….has your taste changed?  Do you currently live in a home with defined rooms, a separate formal living room, a separate family room, etc. or do you have a very open floor plan?  Which do you prefer – and why?  Often buyers will say they want the kitchen wide open to the family room so that while they are working away making dinner they can watch their children playing or feel like they are part of the conversation.  Is that appealing or do you like to whip up a gourmet dinner – but you are rather a messy cook, so you would like to be able to enjoy your dinner in a separate dining room without you & your guests seeing all the pots and pans strewn around the kitchen.

Do you see a lot of travel in your future?  Will you potentially become a “snow bird” and head south for 3 to 6 months every year?  After this long winter that idea doesn’t sound so bad.  If that’s the case, you may want to consider condominium living.  Your neighbors will be close and you may not be used to that but then you will have neighbors close to keep an eye on your property.

Make a wish list – aim for the stars.  Give Gardner Realty a call, 508-994-9029 and let us help you to find the right home to fit your needs for the next stage of your life.